Can I mix Wolfworthy with other foods?

Yes, that is totally fine. When working out how much think in terms of Food A and Food B (and C if desired). Both of these foods will have a 'recommended daily feeding amount'. Find this out for both foods.

You will then decide what portion of each food you want to serve to make up your dog's daily amount. This is your choice.

If you decide to feed 50:50 then you would simply measure out 50% of the daily recommended amount of each food. Or if you decided to feed 75:25 do the same by measuring out 75% of one of the foods and mix with 25% of the other. A + B needs to make up 100% and no more.


Benji is a 16kg adult. His owner wants to feed a mix of wet and dry. The daily recommended amount of Wolfworthy is 140g and the daily recommended daily amount of wet is 300g. 

Benji's owners want to feed 75%  wet topped with Wolfworthy. This will need to be 25% of the recommended daily amount so he gets 100% of his daily needs met by a combination of both foods.

Wolfworthy = 35g (0.25 x 140g)

Wet = 225g (0.75 x 300g)


It is not a good idea to mix foods without measuring as it is very likely your dog will be over or underfed.

You can choose two or more foods using the same method.

You can mix with raw using the same method above. You may choose to feed raw at one meal and Wolfworthy at the next to keep it simple.

Do you love the idea of feeding raw but hate the mess, fuss or your dog just won't eat it? Wolfworthy is the dry food alternative to feeding raw. It has the same health benefits but is easy to store, handle and travel with. So you can relax knowing your dog is satisfied, healthy and well-cared for but without all the hassle.

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