How is Wolfworthy made?

We are proud to say our food is made in the UK where the highest standards during production are extremely important. Being eco-friendly is important to us, by making our food in the UK it means we keep transportation low which is better for the planet.

Wolfworthy is the Highest Rated Dry Food produced in the UK on

Freshly prepared is the term we use to describe the finest human grade quality meat and fish ingredients that are delivered to our site chilled, by our own refrigerated transport to maintain the highest quality conditions. In our on-site meat kitchen, we gently cook each meat at circa 82ºC (180ºF) to both protect the proteins and ensure maximum digestibility and nutritional value to the dog. This is a temperature that allows us to kill harmful bacteria (Salmonella, E-coli and Campylobacter) and preserve as much of the natural goodness as possible.

You do not need to add water to serve.

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