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Many of the answers to common questions can be found here on our help pages, simply search for the topic you are looking for in the search box above.

Where's my parcel?

Please use the tracking link we have sent you to get the latest update on your delivery. 7.5kg bags are next day delivery (Mon-Fri) if the order was processed before 12pm. Friday's dispatches are delivered on Monday. 1.5kg bags take 2 days by Royal Mail. These times are typical but not a guarantee.

How much do I feed?

Start here to find out how much to feed your dog:

How do I transition to Wolfworthy?

The full guide to moving to our food is here

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If your call is urgent please call 01625 919 587 (Mon 9:15 am-Fri 5:00 pm)

Do you love the idea of feeding raw but hate the mess, fuss or your dog just won't eat it? Wolfworthy is the dry food alternative to feeding raw. It has the same health benefits but is easy to store, handle and travel with. So you can relax knowing your dog is satisfied, healthy and well-cared for but without all the hassle.

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